The Ninth Bar

Surprisingly familiar swing jazz!

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20 January 2019 Key Town Swing, Leiden
22 February 2019 Soop, Amsterdam
4 April 2019 Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht
16 June 2019 Amsterdam Lindy Hop Cruise
17 June 2019 Wedding party in Zutphen
14 July 2019 Rotterdam Stadspodium
4 August 2019 Rotterdam Stadspodium
24 August 2019 Delft Jazz festival
15 September 2019 Amsterdam Lindy Exchange
14 September 2019 Utrecht
26 September 2019 Kargadoor, Utrecht
13 October 2019 Swingdom, Utrecht
24 November 2019 De Prael, Den Haag
4 December 2019 Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht
6 December 2019 SOOP, Amsterdam
26 July 2020 Jazz on Grass, Amsterdam
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“...And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
when we're dancing cheek to cheek”

“Can I just have one more dance with you, my love?”

The Ninth Bar is a swing jazz band based in the Netherlands. If you want to get in touch with us, contact us. If you just want to know more about us, continue scrolling.

Performing at weddings, bars, and social dances

Inspired by jazz from the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

We play a little slow, we play a little fast,
We play a little blues, we play a little jazz

Always looking for that click with the audience.
The magic of a shared musical experience

Hope to run into you soon.
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Credits go to Albert Hoogendoorn Photography for the amazing footage